Past Training Events

The list below are training events that were held in 2018.

“De-escalation”, “Te Tiriti o Waitangi”, and “Strengths-Based Training” are available to view by members online.

  • De-escalation Training for Challenging Situations – Ross Gilmour
  • Strength-Based Training … the next step – Alana Billingham (Christchurch)
  • Disrupting the Status Quos– Ronji Tanielu (Auckland)
  • Te Tiriti o Waitangi – Aidan Harrison(Auckland)
  • Strengths-Based Update – Julie Williams (Auckland)
  • MoneyMates – Alyson de Marco and Sharon Soper (Auckland)

Previous Training in 2017:
– Insolvency for Beginners (Webinar)
– Insolvency for Financial Mentors (Webinar)\
– Motivational Interviewing with Alana Billngham (Wellington)
– Strengths-Based Training 201 with Alana Billingham (Auckland)
– New Financial Mentor Courses