Overcoming Fears & Anxieties in the Covid-19 Environment

Background     New Zealand Government’s strong messaging about staying home to stay safe and to stay safe by staying in your bubble was effective in encouraging people to abide by the Covid-19 Level 4 and 3 lockdown rules.  Unfortunately, the messaging has now left many people feeling fearful and anxious about engaging in activities that the government now wants to encourage under Level 2 which include:

  • Going back to work
  • Having children return to schools and early childhood centres
  • Travelling on public transport
  • Shopping
  • Going to a restaurant, movie, etc

By attending this one-hour webinar you will not only acquire strategies and skills you can use to overcome any Covid-19 relate concerns you will also learn how you can use them to assist family members, colleagues, staff and clients deal with the fears and anxieties they may have.

Topics include:

  • The unintended consequences of the Government’s messaging about Covid-19 Level 4 and 3 lockdowns
  • Why using logic to reassure yourself (or others) that what you are concerned about is very unlikely to happen is unlikely to work!!
  • Why messages such as “Pull yourself together” and telling yourself (or others) not to worry – makes things worse! Plus, what to do instead
  • How emotional responses such as fear and anxiety are not under logical or “direct” control
  • Harnessing strategies that you have used to deal with fears that you have faced in the past
  • Using a “Chasing Your Fears” technique to identify the “real” source of your anxieties
  • Effective techniques for managing fears and anxieties
    • Refocusing
    • Breathing techniques
    • Cue controlled relaxation training
  • The role of medication for managing anxiety and depression
    Ross Gilmour is a Human Factors Consultant who conducts training programmes for organisations throughout New Zealand and overseas. He has also facilitated, for CBNZ, several well received workshops throughout New Zealand and a recent Webinar. For more information on Ross visit www.gilmourconsulting.co.nz

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