Money Mates

Money Mates is a fantastic way to informally learn about money matters. Run by many budget services across the country, they are informal support groups, based around the concept of sharing and learning together as a group.

Facilitators encourage group members to learn from others and gain control over their financial lives and build resilience.

Tamaki Budgeting in Auckland are a fantastic example of running fun, informal and engaging Money Mates programmes. Alyson de Marco, its manager, is known as the ‘Money Mates guru’, and regularly shares ideas as she and her team continually find new ways to deliver the programme. Their ideas are often shared on Facebook.



Tamaki Budgeting regularly shares MoneyMates Tips on Facebook

MoneyMates Tip #7: Calculate your savings Victoria reminds us of a silver lining of lockdown and how we can use this opportunity to rethink our finances and spending.
Posted by MoneyMates Tips NZ on Wednesday, 15 April 2020