Solution Messaging, Stress and Time Management

Special Training Day for Financial Mentors 

Learn positive messaging, show how to plan backwards, build up their resilience and learn how to manage stress in this special training day, led by Human Factors Expert, Ross Gilmour.  Skills learned may be useful for both your client and yourself. 

This is a practical, fun workshop during which you may learn new skills that could be useful to both you and your client, or become more confident in these areas. Ross’ training is always engaging, informative, fun and entertaining, with attendees often wanting just to ‘learn more’.

Workshop One: Solution Messaging:

  • How to explain solution messaging principles to clients in ways that they will relate to
  • How to coach clients to apply the skills at work, in their private life and, in particular, to be effective at managing money 
  • How to encourage clients to continue to apply the techniques even when they only seem to be having minimal success 
  • How to explain the concept of Planning Backwards to clients in ways that they will relate to
  • How to coach clients to apply the Planning Backwards technique to achieve work, personal and financial goals

Workshop Two: Stress and Time Management:

  • How to apply Solution Messaging Principles and the Planning Backwards Technique to stress and time management 
  • A conceptual model of stress which explains why it’s difficult to prove that a person’s stress related symptoms are caused by work 
  • How the symptoms of stress can generate additional stress 
  • The comfort zone model of stress and the implications of model for managing stress 
  • Recognising signs and symptoms of stress in yourself and others and why people may genuinely not notice how stressed they are 
  • Managing the physical symptoms of stress 
  • Why exercise is a useful stress management tool
  • Why knowing where you spend your time is just as important as knowing where you spend your money and why the intermittent use of ‘time logs’ can be so valuable 
  • The concept of discretionary versus reactionary time and why it’s important to book discretionary time into your diary 
  • Effective strategies for managing emails 
  • Effective strategies for managing social media 
  • Why people procrastinate and strategies for overcoming it

Numbers are strictly limited, so please register early.

Cost: $55 per person, which includes a light lunch.

Bookings are essential. (Cancellations for full refund must be received 7 days in advance).

To register

Please contact Sarah on 021 208 1121 for any queries, or email her.

Where? Porirua Gospel Chapel, 88 Hereford Street, Cannons Creek, Porirua
When? Friday 19th November, 9.30 – 4.00 pm