Behavioural Change and De-escalating Challenging Behaviour April 2019

Ross Gilmour, highly sought after speaker, psychologist and negotiator, answered these questions and many others in this presentation, delivered in Porirua (April 2019) and Christchurch (2018).

Topics included:

  • Common anger triggers
  • The impact of non-verbal communication
  • Using your body language to influence others
  • Mental techniques for coping with situations that need de-escalation
  • Verbal skills requiring de-escalation
  • Coping with the emotional and physical response triggered by criticism from angry clients
  • The impact of stress on clients and ourselves
  • De-escalating conflict between clients
  • Solution thinking versus problem thinking
  • Coaching clients to use solution messages stated as fact

Ross Gilmour is highly sought after around the world. His sessions are fun and inspiring, with lots of practical tips. Ross? presentation will echo CBNZ values.

Attendees of Ross’ training in Auckland said:

“Great training. Thoroughly enjoyed and understood”
“Great pace. No time to get bored”
“Wonderful humorous everyday examples”
“I enjoyed this training very much and learned a great deal”

Ross is a regular presenter for CBNZ, and is always very well received.